January 2020
BraBus is seeking admission to DI – Dansk Industri

January 2020
Skagen varmeværk – BraBus ApS extends collaboration with Victor DST

January 2020
Welcome to Harrison Johnson – New employee of BraBus ApS

January 2020
BraBus ApS starts collaboration with Me Production in Frederikshavn

December 2019
BraBus ApS welcomes new employee to payroll Hanne Hallkvist

September 2019
New employee for Administration – Welcome Charlotte Bramsen

August 2019
BraBus ApS enters into collaboration with French company LAB

July 2019
BraBus ApS launch new collaboration with Victor DST

July 2019
Collaboration with Kemp & Lauritzen begins.

June 2019
BraBus ApS sees the light of day for the first time