At BraBus ApS, we put quality and development of talented employees at the forefront, because the two things go hand in hand.

We have a permanent staff of experienced and skilled welders, electricians, pipefitters, platefitters, steelfitters and insulators from whom we can continuously supplement with manpower.

We focus on skilled labor with the papers in order to ensure a satisfactory task solution with a high quality end result.

We make sure that our employees have their certificates in order so that they are ready for all types of tasks within the industry.

With a broad professional and practical experience among our employees, we ensure the best possible flow through all workflows. With several different types of tasks in the baggage, our employees can make the right decisions in a challenging professional situation.

Upon hiring, our new employee will receive an Employee Manual which they are expected to familiarize themselves with.

Reasons why you should hire your crew:

Special abilities!

Hiring crews with special courses and skills can be cheaper and time-saving than having to educate yourself. Especially when it comes to skills that you will not need in daily operations.

Quick solution!

If you have an urgent task that needs to be solved here and now, or have you come back behind with a project, you can hire extra staff. The hired crew can be terminated as soon as the assignment is completed.

Simple administration!

We save you the hassle of paying out, for example, diets, pensions and holiday allowances, so you can focus on getting your job done as quickly and quickly as possible.

Top up!

In the prospect of a longer assignment with crew uncertainty, you can supplement your own crew with ours.

If you are in need of skilled and experienced certificate welders, electricians, pipefitters, plate fitters, steelfitters and insulators – we would love to hear from you!