We work within:

• Ship Building
• Boiler Revision
• Wind turbine towers and constructions
• Drilling platforms / production platforms
• Oil refineries
• Steel structures

Overall everything within the industry from black to green.

What we offer:

• Welders
• Steel fitters
• Pipe fitters
• Electricians
• Scaffolders
• Painters
• Factory Workers
• Insulators

The crew has knowledge of:

• Construction site safety
• Boilers
• Pressure-wessels PED
• Mechanical understanding
• Welding in all materials and procedures
• Security equipment for various tasks
• L-AUS course, work under power supply

Our crew has the following courses / certificates:

• Up to date welding certificates in all categories
• Hot work
• § 17/26

In addition, we provide:

• Competence evidence
• Housing
• Transport to and from the site
• International transport
• Name ID
• EU Residence visa
• Equipment if required
• That the crew is certified in accordance with current legislation
• That we comply with all legal requirements imposed on foreign employees.

If you have any questions about what we can deliver and how we can help you, please contact us below this or send an e-mail or call us.
Our e-mails and phone number can be fund under contacts.

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