BraBus ApS was established in 2019 by CEO Carsten Busk and COO Lars Brasse, with an overall goal in mind. To be a company that becomes associated with talented employees, high quality, all rules and laws must be followed and the employees work in good conditions.

We found that there was a great demand for qualified welding solutions by certified welders who work in orderly conditions and backed up by proper control and where the customer did not have to worry about all the paper work behind.
This meant that we chose to realize BraBus ApS.

It was important for us to create a workplace where there was a high ceiling and where everyone was at eye level with each other.

Our team is part of our face to the outside, so it is essential to have an internal culture that is driven by cohesion, responsibility and respect for each other.

Our goal is to further enhance our global presence and to build our existing strength as a leading overseas recruitment services. We are devoted in building mutually rewarding, long-term relationship with our clients, candidates, associates, suppliers and communities with whom we work.


BraBus ApS ensure that our clients’ projects are successfully completed.
This is ensured by an approach based on a high quality level, technical knowledge, certified employees and timely delivery.


To be a leading supplier of technically skilled and certified employees in the “black jobs” industy.


Delivery on time
Rules and laws are followed
High quality and high standards
Flexible approach to tasks
Well-educated, experienced and flexible employees